How to Buy the Best Dash Camera Under $50

How to Buy the Best Dash Camera Under $50?

With the increased technology, car cameras have come up that enhance the driving experience. The dash camera is among the best cameras in the market. This guide will highlight some of the best features of the dash cameras so that the cameraman can be informed on which dash camera is the best to use.

GJT GT900 Vehicle Camera Dash

How to Buy the Best Dash Camera Under $50This camera has a display 3” screen. It has a slot for a flash card of up to 32 G. The camera only stores information on the card up to approximately 3 GB. However, one can set the camera to hold information up to about 30 GB. The camera produces bright and high-quality pictures withy its 12 mega pixels, this can capture high-quality pictures. It comes with an HDMI cable and the USB cable which can be used to upload the data onto the PC. The camera has infrared light for night quality pictures. However, the pictures are not very clear.

DBPOWER W20 2.7” Dash Camera

How to Buy the Best Dash Camera Under $50The camera’s display screen is 2.7 inches. The camera can support a memory card of up to 32GB. The camera is designed such that it automatically powers on when the vehicles powers on and shuts off when the car is turned off. It has a G-Sensor which has the intelligence to lock data in the event folder in case of an accident. When the memory is full, you do not have to change the memory can since it automatically overwrites the new memory onto the old memory.

YI 2.7” Screen Full HD 1080P60 Dash Camera

How to Buy the Best Dash Camera Under $50This dash camera is fitted with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems which ensures safe driving by providing real-time data. It also has the G-sensor to save data leading to an accident and immediately after that. It is able to capture high-quality night pictures such that you can be able to see even heumber plates of the other vehicles. It operates under a 165-degree angle so as to reduce the blind spots.

PRUVEEO F5 Car Dash Camera

How to Buy the Best Dash Camera Under $50

This camera supports the iOS and Android system. This enables one to download HD data trough WIFI in real time. This dash camera provides seamless non-stopping recording experience. The display TFT LCD screen is 1.5 inches. This camera also has the G-sensor technology. This camera should be used when it has been connected directly to the power source. For durability, the cam should be removed from the windshield once the car has been parked. This is because it can only be able to withstand up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

TOGUARD Dash Camera

How to Buy the Best Dash Camera Under $50

This camera is fitted with ADAS system. It also has a Forward Collision Warning System whereby; it alerts one using an alarm when there is a possibility of danger. This is most efficient especially when one is tired to drive for an extended period. The cam has an auto start and record as well as an auto off. When the memory is full, it automatically overwrites the old data.


The dash cameras can help one to drive safely. It also ensures that in the event of an accident, the data is captured and stored safely. This will help one to make any claims in case of an accident.