How to Build a Home Golf Simulator for Under $2000
How to Build a Home Golf Simulator for Under $2000?

Playing golf is a hobby for a significant number of people in the U.S. However, due to the different seasons, one is only able to enjoy the game for a few months before winter comes. After winter, the many gains one had made in winter are all lost. In spring, it’s like starting all over again to polish the skills one has acquired.

This doesn’t have to be the case. The golf simulator will give one a chance to play your favorite game and sharpen one’s skills all year round. The golf simulator is fitted indoors, meaning that one can play it anytime. The editors over at that have golf net reviews as well as other important articles about golf have given us advice about how to pick the best golf simulator.

How to Build a Home Golf Simulator for Under $2000


  • The special computer which creates the 3-D impression of the course.
  • A projector to display on a wall.
  • A golf mat
  • A net
  • A room

A Room

The recommended room size is 10 feet wide by 10 feet high by 15 feet in length. However, the recommended height of the room according to most 3-D simulator systems is approximately 8.5 feet. The obvious place to get such space is in the garage.

The 3-D Simulator Computer

The simulator system is like a computer’s CPU and monitor. This is the most expensive part of the cost. It is advisable to get a quality system since it is the engine of the whole thing. Otherwise, without it, there is no golf.

One of the recommended systems is the OptiShot system. The OptiShot system is the brain of the whole system. OptiShot has 16 highly calibrated sensors. These sensors have the ability to accurately keep track of all your clubs, and your swing. Its measurement of speed, angle, and ball trajectory and so on is incredible.

One can use soft golf balls made of foam or even no golf at all. This is perfect for a person who is has limited space. The OptiShot system provides the user with the freedom to customize the weather of the golf course. Read more about how to put to gether a home golf course and choose the best golf simulator over at

A Projector

How to Build a Home Golf Simulator for Under $2000

A projector can be used to project the course on the wall. A projector is effective because it makes the experience more real. However, one can still connect the system to a PC or the television. This helps to save the cost of coming up with the golf simulator. This is because the projector is next to the 3-d system simulator regarding cost.

The Golf Mat

The golf mat is used to hold the tees. It is good to note that the OptiShot system comes with a hitting surface, so one doesn’t have to buy another golf mat. The mat helps to make the golf game experience more realistic and enjoyable. One can get a mat which is approximately 3 feet by 5 feet.

A Net and Screen

To prevent the balls from getting lost or bouncing back dangerously, one should put up a net. One can use a pop-up net to hold the balls.

The screen is usually optional especially when you have projected the images. However, one can use the large screens which are specially built to withstand the shock. To prevent it from direct impact by the balls, one can place the pop-up net in front of the screen.


To make the space more durable, one can frame the golf area. If you still have some money left to spare, you can cover the frame with foam for more durability. This way one can play golf all the time throughout the year, regardless of the weather outside.

How to Buy the Best Dash Camera Under $50
How to Buy the Best Dash Camera Under $50?

With the increased technology, car cameras have come up that enhance the driving experience. The dash camera is among the best cameras in the market. This guide will highlight some of the best features of the dash cameras so that the cameraman can be informed on which dash camera is the best to use.

GJT GT900 Vehicle Camera Dash

How to Buy the Best Dash Camera Under $50This camera has a display 3” screen. It has a slot for a flash card of up to 32 G. The camera only stores information on the card up to approximately 3 GB. However, one can set the camera to hold information up to about 30 GB. The camera produces bright and high-quality pictures withy its 12 mega pixels, this can capture high-quality pictures. It comes with an HDMI cable and the USB cable which can be used to upload the data onto the PC. The camera has infrared light for night quality pictures. However, the pictures are not very clear.

DBPOWER W20 2.7” Dash Camera

How to Buy the Best Dash Camera Under $50The camera’s display screen is 2.7 inches. The camera can support a memory card of up to 32GB. The camera is designed such that it automatically powers on when the vehicles powers on and shuts off when the car is turned off. It has a G-Sensor which has the intelligence to lock data in the event folder in case of an accident. When the memory is full, you do not have to change the memory can since it automatically overwrites the new memory onto the old memory.

YI 2.7” Screen Full HD 1080P60 Dash Camera

How to Buy the Best Dash Camera Under $50This dash camera is fitted with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems which ensures safe driving by providing real-time data. It also has the G-sensor to save data leading to an accident and immediately after that. It is able to capture high-quality night pictures such that you can be able to see even heumber plates of the other vehicles. It operates under a 165-degree angle so as to reduce the blind spots.

PRUVEEO F5 Car Dash Camera

How to Buy the Best Dash Camera Under $50

This camera supports the iOS and Android system. This enables one to download HD data trough WIFI in real time. This dash camera provides seamless non-stopping recording experience. The display TFT LCD screen is 1.5 inches. This camera also has the G-sensor technology. This camera should be used when it has been connected directly to the power source. For durability, the cam should be removed from the windshield once the car has been parked. This is because it can only be able to withstand up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

TOGUARD Dash Camera

How to Buy the Best Dash Camera Under $50

This camera is fitted with ADAS system. It also has a Forward Collision Warning System whereby; it alerts one using an alarm when there is a possibility of danger. This is most efficient especially when one is tired to drive for an extended period. The cam has an auto start and record as well as an auto off. When the memory is full, it automatically overwrites the old data.


The dash cameras can help one to drive safely. It also ensures that in the event of an accident, the data is captured and stored safely. This will help one to make any claims in case of an accident.

How to Troubleshoot and Repair Ceiling Fans Problems
How to Troubleshoot and Repair Ceiling Fans Problems?

The ceiling fans are effective in helping to regulate the home temperature. However, due to mechanical issues, sometimes they might not execute this at all or effectively. Therefore, we are going to learn how to identify the problem with the ceiling fans simply and how to fix the fan.

The Common Ceiling Fan Issues

  • The fan not working
  • A wobbling Fan
  • A noisy ceiling Fan

A Ceiling Fan Isn’t Working

How to Troubleshoot and Repair Ceiling Fans Problems

Sometime the fan won’t work when one switch it on. First of all check if the batteries of the remote are dead. Proceed to check the if the fan blades can spin freely. If all are functioning properly, check the circuit breaker.

Note that before opening the switch cover plate, turn off the power. Unscrew the cover plate and then use a voltage tester to check if the screw terminals are hot. Unscrew the wires from the switch and twist the two bare ends together. Turn on the light to check whether the fan will go. If it does, then the switch is spoilt and needs changing. Turn off the power and screw the cover plate back on. Call an electrician to replace the switch, or you can get a switch and replace it yourself. It an be done following the same procedure.

A Ceiling Fan that is Noisy

How to Troubleshoot and Repair Ceiling Fans ProblemsSometimes a ceiling fan produces an uncomfortable humming sound. This can be easily fixed, especially if it is not as a result of a cheap motor. Note that after installing a fan it might produce a humming sound for up to 24 hours. Also, having a speed control that is not compatible will the fan will make the motor to be noisy. Therefore, give it time to adjust and the problem will most likely go away by itself.

In other ceiling fans, the noise is caused by a loose kit. Tighten any loose screws on the fan blade holders, downrod and the motor coupling.One should also check the level of oil in the oil bath. If the oil level is low, replenish it. To learn all you need to know about ceiling fans; how they work, their features, how to install one, or simply how to choose the best available ceiling fan. You can visit this ceiling fan comparison site to read ceiling fan reviews.

In other instances the canopy might be touching the ceiling when the fan is running. If it is, adjust it so that it does not touch the ceiling. Lastly, verify whether the fan blades are cracked or not. If they are, it would be advisable to replace them.

A Ceiling Fan that is Wobbling

How to Troubleshoot and Repair Ceiling Fans ProblemsTypically, ceiling fans produce a slight vibration because of their movement. However, if the wobbling is too much, it might need to be checked an corrected. The wobbling could be as a result of the ceiling being mounted on an electrical box not rated for ceiling fans.

To check if the box is rated for fans, switch off the power. Unscrew the lower housing of the box. Heck or the label “fan-red box’. If it has the label, fasten the U-bolts that connect the box to the ceiling.

Heck the support bracket by wiggling it to see if it is firm. If it is not, call a fan specialist who will be able to determine the type of support needed.


Being able to troubleshoot the ceiling fans can save you money. It can also help you to fix some of the basic issues thereby continuing to enjoy the cool temperatures.