How to Build a Home Golf Simulator for Under $2000

How to Build a Home Golf Simulator for Under $2000?

Playing golf is a hobby for a significant number of people in the U.S. However, due to the different seasons, one is only able to enjoy the game for a few months before winter comes. After winter, the many gains one had made in winter are all lost. In spring, it’s like starting all over again to polish the skills one has acquired.

This doesn’t have to be the case. The golf simulator will give one a chance to play your favorite game and sharpen one’s skills all year round. The golf simulator is fitted indoors, meaning that one can play it anytime. The editors over at that have golf net reviews as well as other important articles about golf have given us advice about how to pick the best golf simulator.

How to Build a Home Golf Simulator for Under $2000


  • The special computer which creates the 3-D impression of the course.
  • A projector to display on a wall.
  • A golf mat
  • A net
  • A room

A Room

The recommended room size is 10 feet wide by 10 feet high by 15 feet in length. However, the recommended height of the room according to most 3-D simulator systems is approximately 8.5 feet. The obvious place to get such space is in the garage.

The 3-D Simulator Computer

The simulator system is like a computer’s CPU and monitor. This is the most expensive part of the cost. It is advisable to get a quality system since it is the engine of the whole thing. Otherwise, without it, there is no golf.

One of the recommended systems is the OptiShot system. The OptiShot system is the brain of the whole system. OptiShot has 16 highly calibrated sensors. These sensors have the ability to accurately keep track of all your clubs, and your swing. Its measurement of speed, angle, and ball trajectory and so on is incredible.

One can use soft golf balls made of foam or even no golf at all. This is perfect for a person who is has limited space. The OptiShot system provides the user with the freedom to customize the weather of the golf course. Read more about how to put to gether a home golf course and choose the best golf simulator over at

A Projector

How to Build a Home Golf Simulator for Under $2000

A projector can be used to project the course on the wall. A projector is effective because it makes the experience more real. However, one can still connect the system to a PC or the television. This helps to save the cost of coming up with the golf simulator. This is because the projector is next to the 3-d system simulator regarding cost.

The Golf Mat

The golf mat is used to hold the tees. It is good to note that the OptiShot system comes with a hitting surface, so one doesn’t have to buy another golf mat. The mat helps to make the golf game experience more realistic and enjoyable. One can get a mat which is approximately 3 feet by 5 feet.

A Net and Screen

To prevent the balls from getting lost or bouncing back dangerously, one should put up a net. One can use a pop-up net to hold the balls.

The screen is usually optional especially when you have projected the images. However, one can use the large screens which are specially built to withstand the shock. To prevent it from direct impact by the balls, one can place the pop-up net in front of the screen.


To make the space more durable, one can frame the golf area. If you still have some money left to spare, you can cover the frame with foam for more durability. This way one can play golf all the time throughout the year, regardless of the weather outside.