Interesting Facts about the World Environment Day

Interesting Facts about the World Environment Day (WED)

The World Environment Day (WED) is held annually on the 5th of June. The day’s main aim is to increase positive awareness about the need to care for the environment and the nature of the planet earth.

The activities done in the day are led by United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP). These activities seek to integrate people from different parts of the world in caring about the environment.

Facts about the World Environment Day

Interesting Facts about the World Environment Day1) History

The WED was launched in 1972 during a United Nations Conference on the Human Environment event. The main aim was to solely devote the day for the environmental conservation activities in a bid to create worldwide awareness on the need to conserve the environment.

2) Children Efforts

Many children have been involved in different WED activities such as afforestation programmes in Nepal, campaigns against tree-cutting and environmental cleanliness in Ghana, and Project Green Oman in Oman which was founded by H. Sudev who eventually won a WED award.

3) World Environment Day Events

A couple of events are held in different places to honor the day through leaving an impact in the environment, for example, the Eco Action Day in Singapore in 2007 which aimed at discouraging the use of energy in workplaces in a bid to ensure energy efficiency. Again, the day notices that there is a need to create to promote a green working environment through the use of green products.

4) The World Environment Day Anthem

The anthem is known as “Earth Anthem”. It was composed by poet-diplomat by name Abbay K in 2013. It is made up of eight different languages which unite communities from different parts of the world. The anthem was launched during an Indian Council of Cultural Relations event which was held in New Delhi, India. It is a strong symbol of the WED.

5) Themes of the World Environment Day

Interesting Facts about the World Environment DayWorld Environment Day has a different theme which guides its actions each year. The day has been associated with a couple of themes in the past. These themes include: “To Prohibit Illegal Trade of Threatened” in 2016, “Seven Billion Dreams: One Planet, Consume with Care” in 2015, “Small Islands and Climate Change” in 2014, “Think. Eat. Save” in 2013, and “Does It Include You?” in 2012.

6) Recent Hosting

The most recent World Environment Day was hosted in Angola in 2016. The theme of the day was “To Prohibit Illegal Trade of Threatened”. The main action of the day was to prohibit the rampant poaching and illegal trade of wild animal products such as ivory removed from elephants and rhinos.

Poaching and illegal trade of wildlife products is rampant in Africa, Asia, and other parts of the world. Therefore, this day aimed at creating awareness on the need to help governments and world organizations in preventing illegal trade in all the parts of the world.


Since its launching, the World Environment Day (WED) has largely contributed in creating awareness on the need to conserve environment in different parts of the world. The day has made it possible for UNEP to combine efforts with nations, organizations, and even individuals in the environment conservation.