The Gaia Institute

The Gaia Institute

The Gaia is based on an international movement known as the Gaia Movement or the Gaia Foundation. This movement firmly believes in the promotion of the ecology as the source of development. The Gaia Movement’s belief that the earth is a super organism and everything hat happens in it is interrelated to the growth and development of the other.

The Gaia Institute Name

The name Gaia is derived from a scientific idea called “Gaia Hypothesis”. It means the temperature and the atmospheric composition of the earth are controlled by activities of the living organisms. Therefore, as the name suggests, the company is involved in the restoration and integration of human activities in natural systems.


The Gaia Institute

The Gaia Institute is a not for profit organization. The foundation of the institute is derived from a philosophy by the executive director of the Institute who is known as Paul Mankiewicz. The view notes that human communities can be able to coexist with the natural system in a mutually satisfying relationship. This would help to create a cycle whereby ecological conservation and environmental quality are the main goals of the human activity.


The main mission of the institute is to explore through research, design and development, the interrelationship and inter dependency between human activities and the natural systems.


The Gaia Institute

The goal of the institute is to facilitate a sustainable future. It seeks to mobilize and educate people to take up action and responsibility to protect nature. It seeks to empower people so that they can take active steps to protect soil, forests, water catchment areas and all the other natural resources.


The Institute works through actual demonstration. They demonstrate how natural ecological aspects such as backyards, human communities, towns and cities, water catchment areas and other resources can all be utilized by integration of wastes-into-resources technologies.

Their work is aimed at integrating the natural systems with the human communities. This is motivated by the belief that ecological integration and development is the surest way to achieve sustainable global development. This is contrary to the contemporary belief that globalization through technology is the source of development. The Gaia Movement believes that globalization s not a sustainable method d development.


The institute is headed by Dr. Paul holds a Ph. D. in Biology. He went through the University of New York for his Doctorate. He also has a B.A. In Philosophy from the School of Social Research and M.A in Biology from the Lehman College. He has had immense experience in various organizations as the head whereby he has been involved in activities that include human communities and natural systems. Just to mention a few, he has served the chair of the Solid Waste Advisory Board of the Bronx. He has also served as the president of Torrey Botanical Society.


The Gaia Institute promotes the Gaia Foundation. The foundation advocates for the promotion of nature and the natural resources. The aim of this movement is bound to become more pronounced in the future. This is because people are becoming increasingly aware of the effects the human activities are having on the environment. It is because of the same that the governments are advocating for a greener nation.